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You never really notice your HVAC system when it is working perfectly. However, when your furnace or air conditioner breaks down, how will you be able to heat or cool your home or business? Entrust your HVAC-related concerns to our experts at Leduc Furnaces.

We want your business and home to be running smoothly and your family to be comfortable at all times. Whether you have a clogged vent or a broken air conditioner, you can rely on us to restore your system to good working order as soon as possible.


Are You Throwing Away Your Hard-Earned Money Each Month to Pay Your Energy Bill? 

While it may be a little-known truth, the fact is, the standard furnaces found in an incredible number of homes across Alberta are only running at 50-60% efficiency.


Motors in older model furnaces and air conditioners cycle ineffectively between on and off. This process forces the motor to continuously work to generate energy in a way that’s disproportionate to its needs. The high-efficiency furnace models of today’s day and age, however, are powered by what’s called an ECM – or Electronically Commutated Motor – instead. Put simply, an ECM motor is a motor that varies its speed to best suit the current energy demands, thereby operating very efficiently and eliminating hot and cold spots in the home, creating a nice, even heat.

Boasting Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AUFE) rates of 90-98%, high-efficiency furnaces are able to convert incredibly high amounts of fuel to heat.

Save Your Money for the More Important Things in Life!

Tankless hot water heaters, are quickly gaining popularity as an improved  and more efficient way of providing hot water to our homes. Tankless hot water heaters are also  known as on-demand-type or instantaneous water heaters, providing hot water only as it is needed.

While tankless hot water heaters solve a very specific need and are not recommended for all homes and situations, they do serve a number of homes incredibly well. Tankless hot water heaters are quickly gaining popularity as an improved and more efficient way of providing hot water to our homes.

Not only do tankless hot water heaters provide continuous hot water to your home on demand, but they do so using 30% less energy than traditional hot water systems.

Because tankless hot water heaters don’t require a hot water tank, they also drastically reduce the homeowner’s risk of experiencing a disastrous and costly flood or leak

Is Your Hot Water Tank Costing You Money?

Over time, as the metal that lines your hot water tank corrodes and rusts, sediment begins to develop. As the years go by, the sediment begins to calcify, and form a layer at the bottom of your hot water tank. This layer grows thicker as time passes.

Because hot water tanks are heated from the bottom up, they are forced to work harder as time progresses, in turn becoming less efficient and demanding a larger supply of energy.

In addition to a higher energy bill, this sediment will also begin to mix in with your water supply.

Is it time you considered an updated hot water heater?

Quality hot water tanks such as John Wood, AO Smith and Bradford White are built with a liner made of glass, which prevents the troublesome situation involving corrosion and sediment.

Could You Be Wasting Cold, Hard Cash Trying To Keep Your Home Cool Through The Summer Months?

If you’re cooling your home with a dated air conditioning system installed years ago, the truth is, you’re wasting money. The technology used in today’s high-efficiency air conditioning systems include air compressors with incredibly improved compression and variable-speed fans that are only put to work when they’re needed. With a high-efficiency air conditioner, the dollars you spend on energy to fuel your system simply goes further.

Cool off. Make the switch to a high-efficiency air conditioner today.


Did you know?

An incredible number of homes in Alberta are being fueled by out-of-date, low efficiency furnaces and hot water heaters.

These homeowners are unwittingly paying double – and sometimes triple – what other homeowners with high efficiency systems pay.

Would you like to learn more about whether or not switching to a high efficiency furnace or hot water tank is right for you?

If your home could benefit from a high efficiency furnace upgrade, our HVAC professionals will help you evaluate which government rebate programs you may qualify for and how to quickly and easily access and secure the funding.

Count on our experts to keep your HVAC system working all year round.

An unexpected HVAC problem can be frustrating, so we offer 24-hour emergency services for your convenience.

Don't be left out in the cold! Has your furnace or hot water tank broken down? Is it 3am and you have no heat? 

At Leduc Furnaces we have you covered. We offer friendly and professional emergency service 24/7. 

Get Financing For Your HVAC Equipment.

Save your savings, and ask about our payment plans today.


  • Get approved in minutes

  • Hassle-free direct debit payments 

  •  Better rates than most no-fee credit cards

  •  Invest in added upgrades now instead of costly repairs later

  •  Pay off your plan early with no penalties

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